GSplit is a program to split your large files into small pieces
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GSplit is a program that helps you to transfer any large file that doesn't fit on a single CD or floppy disk by splitting it into smaller parts that can be recorded onto multiple discs. The program can also be used to split large files to send them by email or upload them onto shared hosting websites that have maximum file size limitations.

One of the very handy features of this program is that the split parts can be rejoined without the need for any programs on another computer, as it creates a small loader that can rejoin the pieces and perform functions such as checking the pieces for modification and corruption. Another useful features are batch splitting and command-line capabilities.

The program can automatically figure out the appropriate sizes of the pieces and load the split pieces directly to multiple storage media of different storage capacities, or you can predetermine a fixed file size for all your pieces yourself.

The user interface is friendly because it looks like the Windows XP shell and supports many languages. Moreover, the program adds itself to the right click menu of any file.

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